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Nepal – The Home to Special Tourist Takeaways, Find your Special Thing Here!

Nepal’s finest best is found in its handicrafts that represent sheer talent that is passed from generation to generation



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Nepal – The Home to Special Tourist Takeaways, Find your Special Thing Here!

We all carry a memory of a place with us when we take along a special article reminiscent of that destination. We associate that article or item with the city or country we last visited.

Moreover, we experience a deep sense of joy when we adorn our homes and office desks with a ‘mini replica’ of our favorite holiday destination or its people, culture and heritage.

Nepal is one such destination, which offers you a variety of special things that will remind you of the warmth of its people, the beauty of the land, the timeless architecture and culture that’s brought down from generation.


Here’s a list of special things that you can buy from Nepal when you make a visit to this scenically-blessed country:

1) Handicrafts

Handicrafts Nepal

Handicrafts speak for the craftsmanship and artistry of the people of a particular country, state or city and so is the case with Nepal. Nepal’s finest best is found in its handicrafts that represent sheer talent that is passed from generation to generation.

The choicest collection of Nepali handicrafts includes ceramics, customized covers, hemp products, kettles, knives, manikins, prayer wheels, pottery items, puppets, traditional masks, woodwork including carvings, boxes and vases.

Where to Find: Nepal’s Shopping Mecca – Thamel, Bhaktapur, Durbar Square and Patan

 2) Khukuri

Khukuri Nepal

Khukuri, the national weapon of Nepal with a sleek slashing edge makes the perfect collectible for collectors. The Khukuri was the Gorkha’s choice of weapons during wars held in the 1800s. They are handcrafted and look very stylish.

The Khukuri is still used by the Nepali Army, Royal Gurkha Rifles of the British Army and the Gorkha regiments of the Indian Army. Tourists visiting Nepal can adorn the walls of their house with the traditional Khukri.

Where to Find: Bhaktapur

3) Puppet Dolls

Puppet Dolls Nepal

Puppets are an essential part of Nepal takeaways for tourists visiting the country. The locals make these dolls and sell them as a bunch or in singles. Nepal’s puppets are famous with the name Putali and are strung to wooden manipulation slats.

They are reminiscent of Kathmandu Valley’s Newars who use them to display local folklore and enact stories from the holy books or events from the past. The figures are clad in traditional Nepali attire and have two masks.

Where to Find: Bhaktapur

 4) Rice Paper Items

Rice Paper Items Nepal

This Nepal collectible is handmade using rice husk. They are often used for painting or as a base for manuscripts and most often converted into diaries, letter writing sheets, photo albums and journals. Rice paper is one of the most popular Nepal tourist collectibles.

Where to Find: Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Thamel

5) Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls Nepal

The singing bowl is a unique collectible made from metal and accompanied by a small wooden stick. It produces a soothing sound when the wooden stick is rotated along the rim of the bowl. The vibration produced from the contact between the bowl and the stick is said to release healing properties and creates an atmosphere of meditation.

The singing bowls are either machine made or handmade but the latter is usually expensive and are found in plain brass color.

Where to Find: Kathmandu, Durbar Square (Best Prices)

6) Spices

Spices Nepal

The wonderful aroma from Nepal‘s kitchens is mainly due to the choicest spices that the Nepalis use. Nepal is famous for its collection of spices, which include cardamom, chilli, cumin, fenugreek, pepper and saffron. Tourists throng to bazaars and streets to take home the flavors of Nepal which they find hard to leave behind.

Unique to Nepal, the Masala is a blend of spices and is the most favored in the country.

Where to Find: Kathmandu

 7) Statues and Masks

Statues and Masks Nepal

Nepal is an amalgamation of Buddhist and Hindu cultures. This is reflected in the art produced in the country including, paintings, statues, masks and wooden carvings. The statues and masks are a major attraction for tourists visiting Nepal.

Shops across Nepal offer masks that are worn during various festivals’ processions and celebrations. A perfect mix of art and antiquity, the masks are an ideal take-home, especially if you love art.

Where to Find: Kathmandu

 8) Tea

Tea Nepal

Tea is another tourist favorite and Nepal has more than enough to offer. Chiya, as it is fondly called in Nepal, is usually grown in the east of Nepal and some noteworthy Nepali tea factories include Maloon Tea Estate, Mist Valley Tea Industry and Gorkha Tea Estate.

The Nepali climate and hills present a perfect atmosphere for the flourishment of tea plantation. Nepali chiya has many health benefits to offer.

Where to Find: Thamel Chowk

 9) Thangkas

Thangkas Nepal

Thangkas are native to Nepal; they are traditional Buddhist religious and cultural paintings made from embroidery. They come in pocket sizes and extend to large wall hangings.

The high-end Thangkas are woven with gold and silver mixed in them. The thangkas depict the life and journey of the holy Buddha.

Where to Find: Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Patan, Pokhara

10) Nepali Clothing

Nepali Clothing Nepal

We are always attracted to traditional attire of various nations and nothing like Nepal’s pashmina. Also known as Cashmere, this material is made from the hair of Nepal’s mountain goats Chyangra or Capra Hicus. Pashmina is famous across the world and is considered as the most luxurious wool.

There are different varieties of Pashmina including a blend of silk or nylon fibers with the Pashmina wool. Pashmina is mostly taken in the form of scarves and shawls.

Where to Find: Thamel

 10)  Bead, Bone and Stone Jewelry

Bead, Bone and Stone Jewelry Nepal

Nepal is home to world famous bead artisans who specialize in making bracelets, keyrings and necklaces from yak bone, beads, seeds and semi-precious stone. You can also have your jewelry custom-made to suit your likes. Nepal’s bazaars have a wide variety of beads and stones to make the jewelry of your choice.

Where to Find: Thamel, Kathmandu

Wanting to make a trip to Nepal already?

Why not wait some more until Nepal’s Tourism dedicated year. Yes! The Nepal Government has dedicated the year 2020 to Tourism and is inviting tourists to promote Tourism in Nepal under the banner Visit Nepal 2020.

It aims to draw 2 million people. Why not be one of them?

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