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Nepal Records 3.6 Million 4G Users in One Year

According to the latest NTA MIS report, 4G subscribers increased by over 100 percent in one year



Nepal Records 3.6 Million 4G Users in One Year

Nepal has witnessed an increase of 4G users, with numbers as high as 3.6 million. Nepal 4G network users increased rapidly within a span of one year. This trend is high due owing to Telecom operators 4G coverage expansion.

According to the latest NTA MIS report, 4G subscribers increased by over 100 percent in one year. The number of users has increased from 1.6 million between April 2017 – May 2018 to 3.6 million between 2018-19, registering an increase of 165 percent.

Factors for Increase in Nepal 4G Subscribers

Nepal 4G Subscribers

  • Rise in No. of 4G Smartphones

4G network in Nepal is available for all range of smartphones. The smartphone is preferred and owned by everyone now as they are affordable and come with the latest 4G technology over old technology.

  • Demand for High Internet Speed

Nepalis have begun using increased multimedia services such as audio and video streaming much more than before. Therefore, 4G network for processing such high volume data is highly preferred.

  • Power-Efficient Technology

4G enabled smartphones last longer owing to the power-efficient technology, compared to 2G and 3G phones.

  • Marketing Strategy

Telecom operators are driving the 4G trend by pushing customers to adopt 4G network as part of their marketing strategies. All telecom operators are now focused on promoting 4G network.

Nepal Telecom Operators Coverage & Expansion Plans

Nepal Telecom Operators

Nepal has three main 4G telecom operators NTC, Ncell and Smart Telecom, who started the 4G network on January 01, 2017. However, NTC’s coverage is limited to Kathmandu and Pokhara only.

In terms of market share, NTC has around 7.6 lakh 4G users. But Ncell which started only a few months later has the widest 4G coverage in Nepal with 2.6 million 4G subscribers. Smart Telecom stands third with a coverage of 1.7 lakh 4G users in 19 districts including Biratnagar, Pokhara, Kathmandu and more.

Nepal Telecom is currently working on extending its 4G services to other parts of the country through a new 4G project.

They have also started to test their Core network provided by ZTE Corporation. NTC with the aim to cover major cities in a matter of few months has started works for 4G Radio access network.

Nepal’s CG Telecom has also signed a deal with Huawei for 4G technology. CG Telecom has also signed a contract with the company for USD 100 million.

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