Child Marriages in Nepal: A Long-standing Concern Awaiting Eradication!

Women are key to the development of any society. This is the fact that has been reverberating around us since generations. But, digging to what extent that’s being applicable in

Published: August 26, 2018
Nepal’s Taekwondo: Defense At its Best!

Self Defense is the best investment you can ever make for yourself! Nepal had won ‘bronze’ for Taekwondo in the 1988 Olympics. Although it was the first and the only

Published: August 20, 2018
#WonderKid – Google Boy of Nepal

Nature’s miracle or a scientific wonder, the mystery is still unsolved! Nepal’s Google Boy has everyone questioning their rationality. So, Who is this Nepali Google Boy? Born on July 23,

Published: August 16, 2018
International Youth Day 2018: Youth, A Big Opportunity for Nepal!

Youth and their role in societal development drew wide attention once again as the world nations celebrated the International Youth Day (IYD) 2018 on August 12, 2018. With the theme

Published: August 13, 2018
World Bank’s New Country Framework Focuses Nepal Federalism

In a new move helping Nepal in its progress, the World Bank Group (WBG) has approved a new framework that will help the country in its inclusive development for the

Published: August 9, 2018
Human Trafficking in Nepal – Relentless Fight for Rights Continues!

Be it in terms of development, policy-making, governance, among other ways, nations across the world have seen wide range of transformations over the years. Even then, it’s tough to say

Published: August 9, 2018
Bharatpur: Nepal’s Center of Trade

If you thought Nepal is all about mountains, lakes, temples, stupas and tough terrain, then you need to take a look at the country’s fourth largest city, Bharatpur! Nepal Government

Published: August 7, 2018
Gurkhas of Nepal – Fierceness At its Best!

Nepal might be a small country lying in a landlocked region separated from the world, but it’s also the ‘savior’ to the many nations! Yes, we mean it! Despite its

Published: August 2, 2018
Lalitpur: Nepal’s Abode of Shrines and Durbars

Looking gently at the Kathmandu Valley on the south side of the Bagmati River is the third largest city of Nepal, Lalitpur! Popularly known as Patan in Sanskrit and Yala

Published: July 31, 2018
#WorldHepatitisDay2018: Test. Treat. Hepatitis

Among many battles that Nepal fights, the struggle against some diseases are long-standing and hard to deal with. But with the country’s relentless and successful efforts, it was able to

Published: July 31, 2018

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