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Nepalese More than Helping Hands for Non-residents in Qatar

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Nepalese More than Helping Hands for Non-residents in Qatar

Nepali organizations are helping hands for many non-residents living in Qatar and also have a notable presence in various local programmes and social activities.

Despite being busy in their full-time jobs, Nepalese working in Qatar are utilizing their free time to run organizations, which are active in organizing cultural programmes that promote native culture, social activities, among others.

International Artists Society (IAS), International Artists’ Forum (IAF), Nepalese Arts Center (NAC), Non-Resident Nepalese Musical Family (NRNMF), Arambha Natya Dabali (AND), Basanta Films, Tamu Cultural Society (TCS), Fewa Cultural Society (FCS), Mithila Arts Center (MAC), QN Band, Sandhya Group, Naba Pratibha Cultural Group (NPCG), Sangharsha Band, UNI Dance Troupe, Rhythm Arts Center (RAA), Sur Sudha Arts Center (SSAC) and Miteri Films are some of the notable organizations that are actively promoting Nepali culture and arts.


These organizations primarily focus on varied cultures of Nepal. By organizing programmes that cover various categories such as dancing, singing and realty shows, these organizations drew wide attention of the Nepali expatriate community in Qatar.

An Overview

IAF, registered with the Nepali embassy, is a sister organization of IAF-USA and primarily works in the domains of art, culture and literature. Through its fund-raising concerts, IAF supported various disaster survivors across Nepal. IAF also partnered with the Nepali film community to host an annual Nepali Film Awards ceremony in 2010.

Tamu Cultural Family (TCF) is one organization that majorly focuses on the promotion of indigenous folk music of Nepal, especially of Tamus or Gurung Nepali communities. Formed in 2004, TCF also organizes programmes that enable artistes to perform notable Nepali dances such as Ghatu, Kauda and Chudki.

TCF celebrates Loshar festival annually and elects a nominal king each year to commemorate their own kingdom, which existed hundreds of years ago in central Nepal.

Manakamana or NCC is another organization that has released various popular music albums and its artistes are known for receiving awards in various reality shows.

Basanta Films is another Qatar-based Nepali organization that has released more than 100 songs and provided over a million Nepalese rupees to disadvantaged groups since its inception in 2015. It has felicitated around 120 Qatar-based artistes till date.

Miteri Cultural Group is famous for its feature film Pardesh ko Jindagi (Life Outside Country), a movie on Qatar-based Nepalis shot in various locations of Qatar.

Active Participation in Local Activities

Nepalese in Qatar are also known for their active participation in local cultural festivals like Qatar National Day, Qatar Sport Day and the two Eid festivals, organized by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior, Qatar.

Besides, they also organize awareness programmes on traffic rules and laws of Qatar to the large number of new entrants into the country, blood donation camps and beach cleaning programmes.

In total, the Nepali community of Qatar comprises of 450,000 Nepalese and more than 130 Nepali organizations that represent over 75 districts and ethnic communities of Nepal.

Many of these organisations are working towards the promotion of Nepali art and culture. Besides cultural activities, these organizations also involve in activities such as helping Nepali Embassy in Qatar in its activities. They played a key role in replacing handwritten Nepali passports with machine-readable ones).

Many of them also used their platforms to channel funds to their home districts, support street and orphan children, providing clothes to underprivileged and disaster survivors.

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