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  • 12 Best Movie Theatres (with Photos) in Nepal You Must Try!
    Friday 8th December 2023

    12 Best Movie Theatres in Nepal You Must Try!

    Over the last 50 years, the Nepali film industry has produced several movies!


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    12 Best Movie Theatres in Nepal You Must Try!

    Movies have been one of the most significant sources of entertainment in Nepal since 19th century. They are now an integral part of the Nepali people.

    Over the last 50 years, the Nepali film industry has produced several movies, many of which cast a critical eye on the upheavals that beset the country over the past few decades and an insightful glimpse into the beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

    Well, if you are willing to enjoy movies with comfort and luxury, the famous cinema halls of Nepal are there to help you out. Choosing the best movie theatre might be a great way to take your movie time to the next level. So, here are the top movie halls in Nepal, just for you!


    Top 10 Best Movie Theatres in Nepal

    1) QFX Cinemas

    QFX Cinemas

    QFX Cinemas is the most famous movie theatre chain in Nepal, with halls in major cities, including Kathmandu. It screens Nepali movies as well as Bollywood and Hollywood pictures. Lavish seating, great audio-visual effects, and imperial ambiance fully amaze your presence for 2-3 hours. Online ticket booking and payment options provide a hassle-free experience.

    • Venues: Civil Mall (Sundhara), Kumari Hall (Putalisadak), Labim Mall (Pulchowk), Jai Nepal Hall (Narayanhiti Path)
    • Ticket cost: NPR 155-560
    • Contact: 01-4442220
    • Website: qfxcinemas.com

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    2) Big Movies

    Big Movies

    Being Nepal’s first multiplex, Big Movies is one more quill to the collection of best movie halls in the country.

    Providing a world-class auditorium with Barco 2K latest digital projector systems, great sound system, crystal clear display, and luxurious and comfortable seats, Big Movies has taken movie watching experience to new heights. It has three screens with a capacity of 870 seats.

    • Venue: City Center Mall, Kamalpokhari
    • Ticket cost: NPR 185 – 350
    • Contact: 01-4011645
    • Website: bigmovies.com.np

    3) Q’s Cinemas

    Q’s Cinemas

    The perfect blend of mind-blowing audio-visual effects, world-class ambiance, plush seating, and luxurious services make Qs Cinemas an absolute delight for movie freaks.

    It has two swanky theatres that are designed and built to provide the best movie-watching experience.

    • Venue: Rising Mall, Durbarmarg
    • Ticket cost: NPR 180 – 510
    • Contact: 01-4169201
    • Website: qscinemas.com

    4) Fcube Cinemas

    Fcube Cinemas

    The Fcube Cinemas is one of the newest and most premier cinema halls in Kathmandu. The theatre is equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as Dolby 3 Ware Digital sound systems and digital 2K projection view, making it a worth visiting place for all movie lovers.

    The modern decor adds a luxurious touch to this high-tech cinema hall. While the other famous theatres in Kathmandu are located in the busiest parts of the city, Fcube is situated on the other side, making it convenient for movie goers to reach the theatre.

    • Venue: KL Tower, Chabahil
    • Ticket cost: NPR 175 – 500
    • Contact: 01-4468700
    • Website: fcubecinemas.com

    5) Cine de Chef

    Cine de Chef

    As the name suggests, Cine de Chef (CDC) is a combination of Cinema with Dining. By offering all the facilities of a 5-star restaurant serving, finger foods, Indian, French, Thai, and French, CDC adds delightful experience to movie watching.

    Leather recliner chairs with touch sensors, inbuilt back massager, chauffer call button and many other distinctive features make this theatre a worth visiting place for all cinema lovers.

    Meyer EXP Sound system, Christie Digital 2K and 4K Projectors, and ambiance are just the icing on the cake for CDC moviegoers.

    • Venue: Civil Trade Center, Sundhara
    • Ticket cost: NPR 250 – 800
    • Contact: 01-4248402, 01-4257773
    • Website: cdcnepal.com.np

    6) Gopi Krishna Cinemas

    Gopi Krishna Cinemas

    With seven giant screens and a seating capacity of 3000, Gopi Krishna Cinema is one of the oldest and the biggest cinema halls in Nepal. Showcasing Nepali movies on a daily basis, this theatre aims at promoting Nepali movies.

    Moreover, Gopi Krishna provides a 50% discount on morning and evening shows from Sunday to Thursday, making it one of the must visit cinema halls in Kathmandu.

    • Venue: Chabahil, Kathmandu
    • Ticket cost: NPR 100 – 300
    • Contact: 01-4812409, 01-4812393
    • Website: gkmovies.com.np

    7) BSR Movies

    BSR Movies

    BSR Movies is the first multiplex in Nepal to be equipped with the Dolby Atmos sound system. It features two screens with a capacity of 166 seats each.

    Luxurious seating, digital 2k projection, and 3D  are equally charismatic for a quality movie watching experience.

    • Venue: BG Hall, Gongabu
    • Ticket cost: NPR 190 – 445
    • Contact: 01-4362712, 01- 4383292
    • Website: bsrmovies.com

    8) iNi North Cinemas

    iNi North Cinemas

    Established in 2019, iNi Cinemas is a new, upcoming, and premier cinema chain in Nepal. It features two giant screens with a total seating capacity of 335.

    It is a state-of-art movie theatre which provides excellent audio-visual quality, lavish seating, and luxurious services.

    • Venue: Karmacharya Complex, Gongabu, Kathmandu
    • Ticket cost: NPR 190 – 350
    • Contact: 977-1-4364540, 01-4352325
    • Website: inicinemas.com

    Some other famous movie theatres in Nepal are:

    Nepal Cinema Hall

    9) Movie Garden

    10) Cinema Under The Moon

    11) 12d Cinema

    12) Kalpana Cinema Hall

    In Conclusion

    Well, these are the top 12 best movie theatres in Nepal, which can make movie watching an experience in itself. Tinged with luxury and armed with cutting edge tech, Nepal is a paradise for movie lovers. If one stumbles upon the chance to soak in the experience, be sure to visit any of the listed movie theatres and have a memorable time.

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