Tuesday 20th October 2020

Province 5 Five-Year Plan Structuring in Full Swing

The province aims to increase its per capita income to USD 2,000


Province 5 Five-Year Plan Structuring in Full Swing

Province 5 becomes the first Nepali Province to formulate a five-year work plan!

The province has already begun creating its five-year plan to achieve its long-term goal of sustainable development.

Preparing a list of development programs to be executed in the five-year (2019-2024) period is now next on the list.

The province aims to increase its per capita income to USD 2,000 and reduce poverty to 10 percent through planned development among various other ambitious plans.

Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel along with other ministers and the provincial planning commission’s members will visit Province 5 districts to take suggestions for the five-year plan.

As part of the exercise, Pokharel and his team will meet political leaders, representatives and experts in all 12 districts informed Provincial Planning Commission Vice-Chairperson Dr. Prakash Kumar Shreshta.

Shreshta explains that this step is essential to ensure government’s decisions and plans effective implementation.

The provincial government said that the five-year plan’s framework will be planned only after a study of various sectors prospects including agriculture, industry, tourism and others.

Press Advisor to CM Sher Bahadur KC said that the upcoming provincial budget will be allocated for the implementation of the five-year plan.

Presently, CM Pokharel is collecting suggestion from his home district Dang and will receive assistance from Province 5 Physical Infrastructure and Development Minister Bajinath Chaudhary in a few days, time.

Once the suggestions are collected, they will be forwarded to the National Planning Commission (NPC) by mid-April. Post NPC’s approval, the framework will be implemented.

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