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Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season: 1.9 Million People Left Valley for Celebrations So Far


Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season: 1.9 Million People Left Valley for Celebrations So Far

September 29, 2017

Millions of Nepali citizens residing in the Kathmandu Valley leave their capital for homes as part of Dashain celebrations, every year.

This time, 190,000 people have already left the Valley for Dashain celebrations that began on September 21, 2017.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division Spokesperson Umesh Ranjit informed this in a statement on September 26, 2017. According to the department, the data includes the number of passengers who left the Valley since September 5, 2017.

Meanwhile, the number of people entering the Valley was found to be minimal.

With the beginning of Dashain 2017, the officials have already taken necessary measures to ensure a conducive environment for the public.

The metropolitan traffic police has set up civic help desks at 12 locations for the passenger convenience.

Additional human resources have also been deployed across the capital to ensure smooth traffic.

The actual festive mood in Nepal began prior to the arrival of Bada Dashain, when thousands of Nepali citizens started thronging to bus stations for early travel booking.

The official data had estimated that millions of people would leave the Valley during the ongoing Nepal’s Biggest Festival Season.

The Nepali Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs (FNNTE) General Secretary Saroj Sitoula estimated around 3-4 million people to leave the Valley for Dashain celebrations. Whereas, the Department of Transport, Nepal had estimated that it would be 2-3 million.

September 28, 2017 |

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