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Nepal’s 6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change Soon!

The Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is organizing this event to engage youth on climate change aspects

Nepal’s 6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change Soon!

With an aim to engage youth in climate change action, the Nepalese Youth for Climate Action (NYCA) is gearing up for its 6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change (NYCCC) in Biratnagar during December 27-29, 2018.

UNDP Nepal and Clean Energy Nepal are supporting the event.

The key objective of the event is to enhance youth understanding on climate change aspects alongside promoting for adaptation and mitigation measures among Nepali youth.

NYCA Network Coordinator Sanju Shrestha said that the conference aims to bring together diverse youth groups from across the country and magnify their Knowledge on Climate Change.

“Participation of youth will lead to active discussion in these issues in context of Nepal and be sensitized about responsibilities of youths for Climate Action,” says Shrestha.

The conference aims to adopt new federal structure to build the working Chapter of NYCA across all provinces.

6th National Youth Conference on Climate Change (NYCCC) Schedule

This conference gains significance in view of the recently-concluded COP24 where Nepal presented its plan to address climate change concerns.

About NYCA
Nepalese Youth for Climate Action-NYCA has so far successfully organized five NYCCCs during 2008-2017.

Being instrumental in bringing together youth onto a single platform, these conferences directly benefited 400 aspiring youths till date.

Besides, such conferences have also been successful in mobilizing youth to form NYCA chapters in their respective districts.

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