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Nepal Cuts Power Imports by 16 Percent


Nepal Cuts Power Imports by 16 Percent

June 19, 2017

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has cut down electricity imports from India with the rise in power production in the country.

During the month of May, the NEA was importing around 358 MW of electricity. NEA is currently importing around 300 MW of electricity from India, a drop of around 16 percent in electricity imports.

Monsoon has started in Nepal and it will increase water levels in river basins. All hydroelectric projects in the country, except Kulekhani 1 and 2, produce power using the run-of-the-river system, and their production surges with a rise in the water level in the rivers, resulting in the reduction of the country’s dependence on power import from India, according to the NEA.

Now, the NEA is planning to reduce imports slowly, as domestic power generation is expected to surge in the days to come.

June 19, 2017 |

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