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Leading Auto Giant Announces EVs In Nepal

Concessions available on EVs are attractive, but we consider it as a social responsibility to bring EVs to Nepal, says Sujan Roy, Tata Motors

Leading Auto Giant Announces EVs In Nepal

In a move supporting Nepal’s ‘Go Green’ initiative, Indian automotive giant Tata Motors has announced a roll-out of its Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Nepal, very soon.

 “We are working very hard to bring in electric vehicles in Nepal. We don’t have a timeline. To some extent, we are constrained by the availability of charging facilities. But a Tata EV will be available on the streets of Nepal soon,” Sujan Roy, Head of Passenger Vehicles (International), Tata Motors said in a statement.

Making an official announcement in this regard, Roy said they are considering this move as a social responsibility.


“We have the vehicles being manufactured at our plant every day, we would be happy to bring them to Nepal. Yes, the concessions available on EVs are attractive, but we consider it as a social responsibility to bring EVs to Nepal,” he added.

Explaining on pricing strategy, Roy further explained that the prices will come down gradually with the advent of technologies.

“I would say that the tipping point in the EV market will soon be reached and electric cars will be as ubiquitous as mobile phones,” noted Roy.

It is noteworthy here that Tata has recently released its first batch of the EV model of its Sedan Tata Tigor in Gujarat, India.

Upon implementation, Tata would compete with the likes of BYD, Mahindra and KIA which have already come up with similar initiatives for Nepal.

This move comes an encouragement to the Nepal Government that has been pitching for clean energy solutions as part of eco-friendly policies.

EVs, Energy Security for Nepal

“EVs will provide a measure of energy security for Nepal. As of now, the price of oil affects us in many ways, but when we switch to electric, the situation will be different,” says Nepal’s former Finance Secretary Rameshore Khanal.

In line with Roy’s official aforementioned statement, proper standards that support full-fledged operation of EVs and lack of sufficient number of charging stations continue to exist as prime reasons limiting EV adoption in Nepal.

According to Khanal, Nepal Government is yet to come up with the relevant standards to give needed boost to EV implementation across the country.

Challenges aside, finally Clean Nepal is on the way!

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