Kathmandu, The Fifth Polluted City: Study


Kathmandu, The Fifth Polluted City: Study

July 6, 2017

Kathmandu was ranked fifth in the Pollution Index 2017 mid-year survey, according to a ranking published by Numbeo, one of the world’s leading databases with user-contributed data of cities and countries.

The cities were surveyed based on the relevant information from institutions like World Health Organization, in terms of air & water pollution, accessibility, among other pollution types.

In total, 269 cities were covered, globally, with Ghana’s capital Accra topping the index and New Zealand’s capital Wellington being the least-polluted city. Kathmandu stood fifth in the list with a pollution index of 96.52.

The Department of Environment, Nepal names Kathmandu as one of the unhealthy cities to live in, with particulate matter of Ratnapark area of the city measured at 107 µg/m³.

The pollution scenario in Kathmandu is attributed to the road expansion projects in the valley, government’s failure to replace the old and outdated vehicles on-road, and delay in the underground installation of Melamchi Drinking Water pipes.

July 6, 2017 |

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