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First e-ICU in Nepal Inaugurated at Vayodha Hospital




First e-ICU in Nepal Inaugurated at Vayodha Hospital

July 31, 2017

Critinext, Nepal’s first electronic intensive care unit (e-ICU) facility, was inaugurated at the Vayodha Hospital by artistes and social workers Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya on the sixth anniversary of the hospital’s inception on Saturday. A fusion of critical care skills, technology and innovation, Critinext would enable remote teams of specialist doctors from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, India to manage critically ill patients without needing to transfer them to health facilities out of Nepal.

Shyam Bahadur Pandey, Chairman of the hospital, said that the facility would not just help in reducing the medical expenses for patients, but also minimize the risks involved in transporting them out of the country. He added that “e-ICU and ICCU are equipped in such a way that makes them an almost infection-free zone. There will be constant support provided by nurses. Sufficient measures have been put in place to avoid cross infection at the hospital”.

Ravi Chaudhary, Executive Director of the hospital, said that doctors from India would be able to provide proactive care for patients with easy access to the hospital’s communications, navigation and surveillance systems.

July 31, 2017 |

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