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Experts Question Huge Security for VVIPs


Experts Question Huge Security for VVIPs

July 14, 2017

The Government of Nepal has been offering costly security arrangements for its top incumbent and former officials, politicians, and other famous personalities.

However, security experts question if such a huge security is really required for such officials in the context of the country’s current political scenario. Are the officials really at any risk? they asked.

The security, including both police and army men, is provided during movement and to guard their residences. Besides, the National Intelligence Department officials are also deployed to gather and analyse the information on security threats.

“Our top state officials, political leaders and others may need to be provided security against any risk arising out of sudden anger on the part of some individual or other, but not against by any planned attack. This threat level falls under average security risk,” says Security expert Deepak Prakash Bhatta.

Currently, the Government of Nepal is providing four layers of security, including a minimum of 275 army & 10 police personnel, 75 army and 7 police personnel, and 175 army, 80 police & 50 armed police force personnel to the President, Vice-President, and Prime Minister, respectively.

As per the official estimates, security arrangement for the President costs around Rs 8.2 million, and Rs 7.8 million for PM.

July 14, 2017 |

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