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Eight-day Long Indra Jatra Begins


Eight-day Long Indra Jatra Begins

September 04, 2017

Indra Jatra, an eight-day long famous Nepali Hindu festival, began yesterday amidst the huge presence of devotees praying the king of Gods and rain-god, Indra.

Marking the first day of the festival, celebrated in reverence to Indra, devotees erected the sacred Indradhoj lingo in Hanumandhoka in Basantapur Darbar Square of Kathmandu Valley waving a flag named after the lord.

The lingo-erection procession went on amidst huge public presence. The lingo, brought to Hanumandhoka all the way from a jungle in Bhaktapur, was erected with the help of Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and locals.

As part of celebrations, devotees made dance performances on the streets of Kathmandu. Devotees, dressed in Lakhe costumes and masks, performed Nepal’s one of the famous dances called Lakhe dances.

According to Nepali lunar calendar, Indra Jatra usually falls on the fourth day of the waxing moon in the month of Bhadra, and is celebrated to mark the victory of gods over demons to release Jayanta, the son of Lord Indra.

This festival is majorly celebrated among Newari communities following Hinduism and Buddhism.

September 4, 2017 |

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