Bikini Killer Charles Sobhraj to Undergo Open-Heart Surgery


Bikini Killer Charles Sobhraj to Undergo Open-Heart Surgery

June 8, 2017

Charles Sobhraj, who is popularly known as Bikini Killer, serving a life term in Kathmandu jail since his arrest in 2003 will have to undergo an open-heart surgery. A few days ago, the 73-year-old Sobhraj suffered a cardiac condition and collapsed in the jail. He is now scheduled for a surgery at the Gangalal Heart Centre in Kathmandu this coming Saturday. In a telephone call with a leading newspaper, Sobhraj says the risk factor of an open-heart surgery in Nepal is higher than France. But the cardiologists in Kathmandu have decided that he should undergo surgery as quickly as possible. Therefore, he is not sure if he will survive it. After the surgery, Sobhraj may appeal for an early release to go back to Paris.

June 8, 2017 |

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