Tuesday 20th October 2020

Nepali Women Laxmi Rayamajhi Gets Recognition From Bill Gates!

She has been named in the Blog of Bill Gates for providing sexual and reproductive health services amid the pandemic.

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Nepali Women Laxmi Rayamajhi Gets Recognition From Bill Gates!

Laxmi Rayamajhi, a medical service provider in Sunaulo Parivar Nepal/Marie Stopes Nepal, has been recognized by Bill Gates for her unconditional services amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Blog of Bill Gates has penned stories of seven people who have been providing services and support to the needy amid the pandemic. Rayamajhi from Nehal has been named as one of the heroes of the pandemic.

As part of Sunaulo Parivar Nepal (SPN), she has been providing safe abortion services, contraception, and family planning services in Kavre.

Rayamajhi, a visiting service provider of the Long-Acting Reversible Contraception team from Kavre, has been hiking for hours over hazardous terrain, crossing rivers, and landslides to reach vulnerable villages, despite coronavirus risks.

Nepali Women Laxmi Rayamajhi

The nationwide lockdown and travel restrictions triggered by the coronavirus pandemic have created a new obstacle in delivering sexual and reproductive health services in Nepal.

“Rayamajhi has been trying to overcome these challenges and trying to reach out to the doorsteps of women to provide services. She has been providing phone consultation for those not comfortable seeing her in-person,” said SPN.

“With my efforts, if women’s health gets better and creates a healthy impact in our communities, I will be grateful,” said Rayamajhi.

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