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UAE Updates Visa Rules, Puts Nepali Migrant Workers in Dismay!

People are liable for fines if they fail to renew their visa or leave the UAE within the deadline.




UAE Updates Visa Rules, Puts Nepali Migrant Workers in Dismay!

Thousands of Nepali migrant workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are likely to be severely affected as the UAE Government has updated its visa rules earlier this week.

This is very appalling, especially when the migrant workers are already in miserable conditions with no employment and money due to coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, the UAE Government has decided to automatically renew visas, exempt all applicable fines and extend the expiry date of all IDs until December in view of COVID-19.


However, the UAE Cabinet has amended all the decisions related to amnesty, visa fine waivers and validity extensions adopted to relieve people during the pandemic.

UAE and Nepal

According to the new resolutions that came into effect from July 11, 2020

  • Visit visa holders, whose visa expired earlier on March 1, should leave the country by August 12
  • Visit visa holders who want to stay in the country should renew their visas by paying applicable tax and fine amount
  • Resident visas holders, whose visa expired in March and April, should renew their visas within a month from July 12
  • Resident visa holders, whose visa expired after July 11, should apply for a new visa

If one fails to renew their visa or leave the UAE within the stipulated deadline, they are liable to the fines as per the UAE’s immigration law.

As per the law, NPR 4,000 to 9,000 will be fined for the first day and NPR 800 to 3,000 per day from the second day.

According to the Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA), as many as 50,000 Nepali migrant workers in UAE are left unpaid since the coronavirus outbreak.

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)

Issuing a statement on July 14, the NRNA has urged the government to resume regular international flights and rescue flights for the time being so that the stranded Nepalis can avoid any punishment due to visa-related issues.

“Those who have already lost their jobs cannot pay such a huge amount of money in fine. Therefore, it is important for the government to increase the number of rescue flights at the earliest,” said NRNA.

However, the Nepali Embassy in Abu Dhabi seems to be reluctant to address the issues of migrant workers.

The Embassy has received huge criticism for its inability to take any proactive initiatives to resolve the issues.

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