Thursday 18th July 2024

Nepal Eases Travel Visa Issuance

The Himalayan Nation has finally reopened its gates to tourism



Nepal Eases Travel Visa Issuance

Nepal has once again restarted issuing on-arrival visas to tourists. The country had previously shut down the visa issuance to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

This is good news for all, as tourism is one of Nepal’s most significant revenue streams.

The incumbent administration stated that fully vaccinated people entering Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport and other entry points should get the visa on their arrival.


However, the catch is that the tourists from the approved countries should have completed their vaccination at least 14 days before they set foot in Nepal.

Nepal Passport Visa

The tourists have to furnish the required evidence, which ranges from a negative coronavirus report not older than 72 hours from the arrival time, and they ought to display the Nepal hotel reservation confirmation.

Apart from the on-arrival visas, should one want the visa before the arrival, they ought to visit the Nepali embassy and complete the required vaccinations before obtaining the visa.

Travelers who are yet to get vaccinated completely can also come to Nepal. However, they have to apply for the visas before their arrival through travel agents. Then, after arriving in Nepal, they have to quarantine themselves for ten days.

Here’s the complete government order:

Download ‘Government Order’

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