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Deaths of Nepali Migrants in Malaysia Concern Government

Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia

Deaths of Nepali Migrants in Malaysia Concern Government

Untimely deaths of Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia have been concerning the Government of Nepal.

In this regard, the Ministry of Labor and Employment has already sent a delegation of Nepali doctors to Malaysia to study the issue.

Among other areas like Gulf, where hot climate prevails, Malaysia is one of the popular destinations for Nepalese, hosting almost 550,000 Nepali migrant workers.


Young and healthy Nepali migrant workers faced untimely deaths in Malaysia at a higher rate compared to other destinations, for a reason that is yet a mystery.

The rate at which the deaths took place is shocking. The data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nepal, verified with the embassy in Kaula Lampur, reveals the death of around 3,800 mentally and physically fit Nepali workers in Malaysia, since 2003.

Post-mortem reports seem doubtful

The post-mortem reports of the Malaysian hospitals cite cardiac arrest among others, including suicides, chronic diseases, physical assaults, as the major cause of Nepali deaths.

However, the outcome of those reports remains a debate among the officials in the Nepali mission, as they feel that Malaysian employers not compelled to offer health and insurance benefits is the reason for blame on cardiac arrest.

It is noteworthy here that the Malaysian officials accept migrant workers only on the basis of medical fitness procedures. One in ten workers are returned from Malaysia on medical grounds, even before taking up jobs.

Whereas, rights activists cite workplace safety as one of the major challenges for Nepali workers in Malaysia.

Nepali officials are hopeful of the study they are carrying out to trace out the mystery behind migrant deaths. So far, the Nepal Government has not done anything in this regard, other than giving pre-departure orientation to the workers about the culture, climate and rules of the destination nations.

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