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Visit Nepal 2020: Nepal – A Coronavirus Free Zone: Minister Bhattarai

Even though there have been no reported cases so far, tourist influx has decreased significantly in Nepal.






Visit Nepal 2020: Nepal – A Coronavirus Free Zone: Minister Bhattarai

During a meeting at the Ministry on February 18, 2020, Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai has said that Nepal is a ‘Coronavirus Free Zone’ and safe for tourists.

He confirmed that the 175 Nepali evacuees airlifted from coronavirus-hit China, who have been isolated in Kharipati, tested negative for the coronavirus.

He added that high alert with stringent health screening has been maintained at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) as well as at border points to restrict the spread of coronavirus infection.


The Minister’s response comes amid the fear that the nation will struggle to reach the target of 2 million tourist arrivals due to the coronavirus outbreak in China.

So far, only one coronavirus case has been confirmed in Nepal. A Nepali student, who had returned from China, tested positive for coronavirus. However, he is totally cured now.

Even though there have been no other reported cases so far, tourist influx has decreased significantly in Nepal.

The tourist arrivals from China has dropped drastically in February even though the first month of 2020 had recorded small growth. Even the tourists from Europe and India have canceled their trips to Nepal.

[UPDATE: January 2020 Nepal Visitor Arrivals]

Steps to Aid Nepali Tourism

Nepal Tourism

In a bid to minimize the impact of coronavirus outbreak on tourism sector, the Nepali Government has decided to promote Nepal as ‘Coronavirus Free Zone‘ across the world.

Minister Bhattarai has ordered the concerned authorities to create and spread promotional materials with ‘Nepal is a Coronavirus Free Zone’ message in English, Chinese and Hindi languages within three days.

The message will be promoted at

  • Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) premises
  • Visit Nepal Year 2020 Secretariat
  • Websites of travel trade entrepreneurs
  • Nepali Ministries
  • Nepali Embassies in foreign countries
  • All social media platforms

The Nepali Government has already imposed restrictions on the arrival of Chinese tourists into the nation.

Moreover, the government has instructed NTB to deploy 12 desks to look for possibilities to attract visitors from Europe, America and the Middle East.

The Nepali government is aiming to attract 2 million foreign tourists during the ‘Visit Nepal year 2020’ campaign.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Update Worldwide

Distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide

Date: February 19, 2020

Country  Confirmed Cases  Deaths
China 74258 2008
Singapore 81 0
Japan 66 1
Republic of Korea 46 0
Thailand 35 0
Taiwan 22 1
Malaysia 22 0
Vietnam 16 0
United Arab Emirates 9 0
India 3 0
Philippines 3 1
Nepal 1 0
Sri Lanka 1 0
Cambodia 1 0
Cases on an international conveyance Japan 542 0
Germany 16 0
France 12 1
United Kingdom 9 0
Italy 3 0
Spain 2 0
Russia 2 0
Sweden 1 0
Finland 1 0
Belgium 1 0
United States of America 15 0
Canada 8 0
Australia 15 0
Egypt 1 0
Total 75192 2012

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