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Rheumatic Arthritis Plagues 1 Million Nepalis!

Rheumatic arthritis occurs due to genetics, excess weight and smoking


Rheumatic Arthritis Plagues 1 Million Nepalis!

Changed lifestyle triggers wide spread of rheumatic arthritis in Nepal with numbers recorded at nearly one million!

Kathmandu’s Norvic Hospital revealed these numbers at an awareness program conducted in view of World Arthritis Day, which is celebrated on October 12 every year.

Attributing ‘changed lifestyle’ as the key source of the increase in rheumatism among people of all walks of life, the awareness program spoke about the different challenges that rheumatic arthritis brings with it.


Persons suffering from rheumatic arthritis have severe joint pains, where joints become stiff, warm and swollen making walking and other movement difficult.

More than 200 diseases arise out of rheumatism. Additionally, rheumatic arthritis occurs due to genetics, excess weight and smoking.

Speaking at the occasion, Norvic Hospital Deputy General Manager RP Manali revealed that one out of three Nepalis are afflicted with rheumatic arthritis at any stage of life.

Besides the awareness program, a morning rally was conducted by hospital staff and attended by rheumatic arthritis patients, doctors and nurses. The rally witnessed the participation of 150 Nepalis.

World Arthritis Day 2018
Rheumatic Arthritis PlaguesWorld Arthritis Day 2018 was celebrated with the theme “It’s in your hands, take action”.

How we cope with illness and health conditions completely lies in our hands. It is always essential to seek the required medical health at the earliest.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the uncurable arthritis conditions and can only be treated to lessen the impacts.

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