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Purbanchal Cancer Hospital Marks the Official Start

The machine was made in US and has got worldwide reputation.



Purbanchal Cancer Hospital Marks the Official Start

The Purbanchal Cancer Hospital has marked the beginning of its services on January 1, 2019.

The hospital is providing its services in a building inside the premises of the B&C Hospital in Birtamod.


  • Present bed capacity: 100
  • Truebeam Linear Accelerator Radiation Treatment Machine – An advanced cancer treatment machine

The machine was made in US and has got a worldwide reputation. 27 patients have already booked their appointments on the opening day for cancer treatment.

The ultra-modern cancer treatment machine has put an end to the need to go to India for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Purbanchal Cancer Hospital is the largest cancer hospital of the country. Moreover, the aim of the hospital is to upgrade the present bed capacity to 300.

Around 400 cancer patients are obliged to go abroad for treatment in the last year, according to the Jhapa Public Health Office.

More than 15000 people in Nepal die of various cancer diseases, according to the World Health Organization.

On the back of these festering figures, the Nepali Government has started a campaign to develop a well-equipped cancer hospital in the eastern region.

Dr. Birendra Yadav, an oncologist at the Purbanchal Cancer Hospital, is an active participator in the campaign. Dr. Birendra previously worked at Medanta Hospital in India and has returned to Nepal with a motivation to serve his country.

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