Wednesday 18th September 2019

Nepal Health Alert! Scrub Typhus on the Rise

In an alarming situation that has gripped the Himalayan Nation over the past few months, the

Published:: August 7, 2018
Nepal-WHO Country Report 2018-22: Positive Outlook for Nepal Health Sector

Creating New Hope for Nepal’s Health Sector, the Nepal-WHO Country Strategy (CCS) 2018-2022 report revealed some

Published:: August 6, 2018
WHO South-East Asia: Nepal Successful in Curbing Rubella

In another milestone concerning Nepal’s health scenario, the Himalayan nation beats odds to become one of

Published:: August 6, 2018
#WorldHepatitisDay2018: Test. Treat. Hepatitis

Among many battles that Nepal fights, the struggle against some diseases are long-standing and hard to

Published:: July 31, 2018
Dr. KC Govind Wins Medical Health Sector Battle!

A 27-day long struggle ends for crusader Dr. Govind after the Nepal Government agreed to implement

Published:: July 28, 2018
Global Health Issues: Rise of HIV Among Teenage Girls, Reports UNICEF

One major health concern that has been haunting the world since decades is the dangerous ‘AIDS’

Published:: July 27, 2018
90% of Nepali Drug Market Import-Dependent!

Providing an interesting update on the drug market scenario in Nepal, Nepal’s Chemist and Drug Association

Published:: July 26, 2018
Aama Surakshya, Safe Haven for Nepal’s Expecting Mothers

In a major move addressing the concerns of millions of Nepali expectant mothers, Nepal’s Family Health

Published:: July 18, 2018
Nepal’s Kaski is now ‘Fully Vaccinated’!

In a public health update, Nepal’s Kaski has been declared as the fully-vaccinated region for its

Published:: July 12, 2018
Nepal’s New Cancer Institute Underway!

Creating new hope for cancer sufferers, Binaytara Foundation from Washington has tied up with Nepali city

Published:: July 10, 2018
World No Tobacco Day: A Reel Through Nepal’s Struggles, Initiatives and Implementations

Nepal has been addressing many of the issues that threaten the health and life span of

Published:: June 4, 2018
Tips that Can Keep You Healthy and Afresh!

Stretch that muscle, work that limb, eat healthy and stay in control of your regular day

Published:: May 28, 2018
Milestone! Nepal Becomes Trachoma-Free Nation, Sets Inspiration to Globe

Yes, you heard it right! In a milestone achievement, Nepal fully fought out the eye-concerning trachoma

Published:: May 24, 2018

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