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COVID-19: 600 Nepalis ‘Infected’ Abroad

Around 600 Nepalis in foreign countries have been infected with coronavirus.






COVID-19: 600 Nepalis ‘Infected’ Abroad

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the world while inflicting social, economic and financial impacts on every nation including the richest countries like the USA, Italy, Spain and China.

So far, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 209 countries and territories, and 2 international conveyances while infecting 1,352,753 people and claiming 75,058 lives.

As of now, Italy has witnessed the worst with 16,523 death cases while the USA has the highest number of coronavirus positive cases – 367,385.


While the global countries are grappling to contain the COVID-19 infection, Nepal has somehow managed to escape the worst so far.

Despite sharing most of its border with China and India, Nepal has witnessed only 9 coronavirus infection cases and zero death cases.

However, the situation of Nepalis in foreign countries is getting worse as the coronavirus threat is growing rapidly outside Nepal.

Let’s have a glance at the ‘Situation of Nepalis Abroad’-

1) Nepalis in the USA:

Nepalis in the USA are the most affected among the Nepalis in foreign countries.

According to the Nepali Embassy in Washington DC, 500 Nepalis in the USA have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus while 4 have died. Only one among the infected has recovered.

2) Nepalis in Gulf Countries:

A large number of Nepali migrant workers in the Middle East countries have been infected by the deadly coronavirus.

  • Bahrain – 12 cases
  • UAE – 11 cases
  • Saudi Arabia – 4 cases
  • Qatar – 2 cases
  • Kuwait – 1 case

However, no Nepali national has died from coronavirus in the Gulf countries.

3) Nepalis in Europe:

So far, European countries have confirmed that 21 Nepalis have been infected with coronavirus while 2 died.

  • Portugal – 14 cases
  • Spain – 7 cases
  • UK – 2 death cases

4) Nepalis in Australia:

According to the Nepali Embassy in Canberra, 9 Nepali students in Australia have been tested positive for COVID-19 and one among them has already recovered. However, there are no death cases.

5) Nepalis in India:

According to the Nepali Embassy in India, three Nepalis have been confirmed with coronavirus infection.

6) Nepalis in Japan:

Only one Nepali in Japan has been infected with COVID-19.

7) Nepalis in Malaysia:

Only one Nepali migrant worker in Malaysia has been tested positive for coronavirus infection so far.

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