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UN World Population Prospects Report Predicts Fall in Nepal Population By 2100

The report indicates that Nepal’s population will decline after 2053


UN World Population Prospects Report Predicts Fall in Nepal Population By 2100

According to UN Department of Economic Affairs report World Population Prospects, Nepal’s population is expected to stop growing by the end of 2100 due to failing fertility rates.

“Nepal’s population of 28.6 million in 2019 will increase to 36.45 million in 2053,” reads the report.

The report indicates that Nepal’s population will decline after 2053, while it will just have a population of 27.3 million by the end of 2100.

World Population Prospects – Nepal Population Over the Years

Nepals Population

  • Between 1950-2011, Nepal recorded a population growth between 0.06-2.6 percent each year
  • The following three years 2012-14, Nepal’s population growth stopped. By 2014, Nepal’s population declined to 26.9 million, from 27 million in 2011

“Nepal, with 27 million inhabitants again in 2015, witnessed a continuous annual population growth till today,” the report said.

  • According to the report, the current growth trend will continue until 2053
  • By 2100, the country’s population will reach close to 27.3 million, while the total fertility rate is predicted to be 1.6 live births per woman, from 1.9 currently
  • Nepal will record 1.68 million births in the period between 2050-55, from 2.8 million births in 2015-20.
  • The number of births will decrease to 855,702 between 2095-100
  • Between 2015-20, the infant mortality rate per 1000 births stands at 27,934, whereas it will stand at 6,148 between 2095-100.

“Number of deaths, both sexes combined, stands at 896,981 in 2015-2020, while the period of 2095-2100 is projected to record approximate 2,210,847 deaths,” the report states.

  • Currently, the childbearing age for Nepali females is 25.24 years, which will increase to 31.02 years by 2100

In some cases, the falling population size is further increased by high rates of emigration and migration flow , which has become a major cause of population change in certain regions, says UN.

Nepali Population

The UN report also stated that India will become the most populated country in the world and will continue to remain the same until the end of the century.

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