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Nepal Weekly Round-up: July 27-August 02, 2019

Nepal Important News Updates for the Week of July 27-August 02, 2019


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Nepal Weekly Round-up: July 27-August 02, 2019

Nepal continues to grapple with the forces of nature while trying to maintain a strong front internationally.

This week Nepal has landed some important milestones while also making its presence felt globally in various areas including government initiatives, business and more.

Let’s take a look at the news updates for the week of July 27-August 02, 2019:


1) Nepal Province 2 Undergoes Agro Loss Following Natural Calamities

Nepal Agro Loss Natural Calamities

Nepal floods and landslides resulted in a loss of NPR 3.59 billion in the very first week of July. According to Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development’s report, Province 2 recorded a loss of NPR 1.62 billion on livestock, NPR 1.92 billion on crops and destruction of more than 2,230 fishponds.

2) Standard Chartered Donates NPR 3.7 million to Maiti Nepal

Standard Chartered Donates Nepal

Standard Chartered Bank of Nepal has donated NPR 3.7 million to the human rights foundation against human trafficking Maiti Nepal. In its press statement, the financial institution stated that this donation was given to support Maiti Nepal’s project on the production of low-cost sanitary napkins.

3) Sri Lanka Offers Free Visa

Sri Lanka Offers Free Visa Nepal

In its latest announcement, Sri Lanka informed that it will give a one-month free visa on arrival to visitors from close to 50 countries. The initiative is an attempt to revive the country’s tourism that was hit by the Easter bombings in April 2019. According to Sri Lanka Tourism Minister John Amaratunga, tourists visiting the country for business purposes can avail their free visa on arrival or by applying online.

4) PM Oli to Visit Singapore

PM Oli to Visit Singapore

PM Oli will be making a trip to Singapore for a recurring health-checkup. The checkup will be done at National University Hospital. Oli has heart palpitations and fluctuating blood sugar level for which he will be undergoing special medical tests at the hospital, said Dr. Arun Sayami.

5) Nepal Spends NPR 2.476 billion on Mehandi

Nepal Spends Mehandi

With the arrival of Shravan, women in Nepal have begun indulging in wearing green attires paired with accessories and the most-love Mehandi. Nepal Department of Customs has reported that the country has spent more than NPR 2.476 billion on Mehandi powder import in FY 2075-76. Likewise, the country has spent NPR 54.5 billion on the imports of tika, bangles and pote.

Meanwhile, this has also been an important week for us as we have launched a specialized page on Nepal Education News Updates on our website. Keep visiting the page to be updated with Nepal’s Education sector.

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