Tuesday 16th July 2024

Nepal Telecom to Conduct 5G Frequency Testing!

The government has granted permission for Nepal Telecom to conduct 5G frequency testing.



Nepal Telecom to Conduct 5G Frequency Testing!

The Nepali Government has decided to grant permission for the Nepal Telecom Company to conduct 5G frequency testing.

The Radio Frequency Determination Committee, led by the Minister of Communications and IT Parvat Gurung, which earlier decided to launch the 5G test in the country, took the decision to this effect.

Though Ncell has already set up infrastructure for the 5G expansion in the country, the committee decided to grant test permission only to the government-owned Nepal Telecom Company.


Nepal Telecom Services

“In the decision sent to us, Nepal Telecom has been asked to arrange free frequency in case of need,” the Telecom source said.

Earlier, permission to launch the 4G service was also granted to Nepal Telecom.

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