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Nepal Takes 15 Decisions to ‘Fight’ Socio-economic Impacts of ‘COVID-19’

No fine for late payment of electricity, drinking water and telephone bills till mid-May






Nepal Takes 15 Decisions to ‘Fight’ Socio-economic Impacts of ‘COVID-19’

In line with the previous ‘coronavirus prevention measures’ including social distancing, the Nepali Government has taken some other initiations to address the health and socio-economic crisis of COVID-19.

A Cabinet meeting on March 29, 2020 at the PM Oli’s official residence has taken various decisions ranging from extension of lockdown period to provision of financial relief packages.

15 Prominent Decisions Include-

PM Oli and cabinet ministers meeting

  1. Restriction of the people’s movement through Nepal-India and Nepal-China border points has been extended until April 7
  2. Extended lockdown period until April 7, 2020
  3. Electricity Board should provide a 25% discount for households with consumption up to 150 units
  4. Private telecommunications companies should provide a 25% discount on data and voice call charges
  5. Tourism industry should pay salary to their employees by using welfare fund
  6. 5 million insurance for all health workers involved in the control and treatment of COVID-19
  7. Private schools should waive off all appliable charges for one month except residence fees
  8. House owners should not charge any rent to the tenants for one month
  9. No fine for late payment of electricity, drinking water and telephone bills till mid-May
  10. Food Management and Trading Company Limited and Salt Trading should offer a 10% discount on rice, flour, sugar, salt and cooking oil
  11. No fine for delayed renewal of driving licence, route permits and vehicle registration till mid-May
  12. Extended tax payment deadline from April 12 to May 7
  13. Exempted customs charges on the import of health and medical equipment until further notice
  14. Ban on import of any luxury vehicle worth more than USD 50,000
  15. Ban on import of peppercorns, betelnuts, peas and date fruits

Moreover, the Nepali Government has decided to take a foreign loan worth over NPR 22 billion from various financial organizations including the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

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The loan will be used to alleviate the financial burden on the people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, Nepal has reported only 5 coronavirus infection cases. However, the government has taken stringent measures to stem the spread of coronavirus as the nation lacks adequate health care facilities to tackle the contagion in case of an outbreak.

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As of today, the coronavirus has infected 792,509 people globally while claiming 37,947 lives.

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