Monday 22nd July 2024

PM Oli Dares Opposition Parties to Topple his Government!

The Himalayan country has experienced extreme political turmoil in the recent times


PM Oli Dares Opposition Parties to Topple his Government!

Prime Minister KP Oli has added a fresh twist to the political turmoil in Nepal by challenging the opposition parties to usurp him.

The incumbent PM indicated that he was more than ready to sit in the opposition and provide the necessary support to the government succeeding him.

On Friday, the PM said, “I happily welcome the formation of an alternative government.” Oli claimed that he called upon Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba to form a new government. Oli further added that Deuba was invited to join the current government if the latter fails to form a new government.


“This morning I called Deuba and asked him to form the government. If not, I asked him to join my government to give it a national shape.”

Oli added, “If you can’t a form a new government, support me.” However, he mollified a bit by asking the opposition parties to join his government to fight the pandemic.

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