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Nepal Allocates NPR 11 Mn for ‘Rhino Census 2020’

The government is set to conduct the census from March 14, 2020


Nepal Allocates NPR 11 Mn for ‘Rhino Census 2020’

The Nepali Government is all set to conduct a census of its endangered one-horned rhinoceros’ population from March 14, 2020, starting with Chitwan National Park.

According to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), for the first time, the government has allocated NPR 11 million to carry out the rhino census.

Earlier, the donor agencies used to provide financial support for the DNPWC to conduct the census.


The Department has decided to conduct the rhino census in Chitwan National Park and Parsa National Park in the first phase, and Bardiya National Park and Shuklaphanta National Park in the second phase.

Nepal Elephants and Rhinos

As per the DNPWC Spokesperson Bishnu Shrestha, the Department will deploy around 35 elephants and 60 technical personnel to count rhinos at Chitwan National Park.

In the last survey in 2015, authorities counted 645 rhinos including 605 in Chitwan National Park alone.

The Nepali Government has decided to conduct the census in response to the alarming rise unprecedented rhino deaths in the country, especially at Chitwan National Park.

Nepals Rhino

Around 55 rhinos have died since last FY 2018-19 at the Chitwan National Park. The DNPWC conducts the rhino census for every 5  years.

Some of the previous ‘Rhino Census in Nepal’ are as follows

Year No. of Rhinos
1994 446-466
2000 612
2005 410
2015 645

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