Tuesday 3rd October 2023

King Birendra’s Coronation Carriage Now on Display

The carriage was first used in 1975


King Birendra’s Coronation Carriage Now on Display

The Narayanhiti Palace Museum has placed the carriage used by King Birendra Shah for his coronation ceremony in 1975. The historic golden carriage has gone on to display after 46 years.

On Monday, Culture Secretary Yadav Prasad Koirala unveiled the carriage to the public at a function organized by the palatial museum.

The British Queen Elizabeth II gifted the carriage before Birendra was coronated as King. After the anointment as King, the Nepali monarch used the carriage on special occasions.


Narayanhiti Palace Museum

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II has a similar carriage, and she continues to use it to this day at Buckingham Palace.

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