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Election Commission Urges Nepali PM to Hold Elections in Single Phase!

PM pledges to support EC with adequate security, budget, and manpower


Election Commission Urges Nepali PM to Hold Elections in Single Phase!

With an eye on the pandemic, Prime Minister Sharma Oli asked the election commission to formulate an implementation strategy for the upcoming elections.

The Prime Minister indicated his suggestion at a meeting with Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Thapaliya and others of EC. Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad and Prasad Poudel, election commissioners Ram Prasad Bhandari and Janak Devi Tuladhar were also present at this meeting.

He urged the commission to implement the elections swiftly, considering the mid-term elections, due to being held on November 12 and 19.


“On the one hand, COVID pandemic is raging, and on the other, (the) election should be carried out within six months. There is no situation for deferring the election due to the pandemic. Amid the pandemic too, various countries including India, the US, the UK and Brazil have successfully completed elections,” PM Oli said.

PM Oli

The PM reassured the Chief Election Commissioner that adequate security arrangements would be made available. The budget and human resources will also be provided to the EC.

Although the PM advised the EC to conduct the polls in two phases, the Chief Election Commissioner advised the PM to review that decision as the EC is keen on holding the elections in a single phase.

The voters list will be updated after a political consensus emerges about the related laws, which is expected once the viral infection rate drops in the landlocked nation.

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