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A Journey to Kathmandu in Nepal for 2 Weeks from November 2-16, 2017

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A Journey to Kathmandu in Nepal for 2 Weeks from November 2-16, 2017

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, Hippies travelled to the Kathmandu Valley to discover the wonders of the ancient temples, crafts, arts and spirituality of both Hinduism and Buddhism and now you can do it too. Today, a lot of things have changed but modern Kathmandu is a blend of ancient medieval traditions and culture.

Trip includes: Roundtrip airfare from NYC to Kathmandu Nepal, basic accommodation, and transportation for guided tours to many different places conducted by Shiv Mirabito – an anthropologist, artist & poet who has visited Kathmandu continuously for 30 years. Trip will be accompanied by knowledgeable Nepali staff.

The trip costs only $2999 per person (food & drinks are not included) but can be customized as per your needs. It will be an exciting, fun filled, informative and a lifetime experience for anyone interested in Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga, Art, History, Culture, Cuisine, Ayurveda, Architecture, Nature, Hiking, Languages etc.


Event Date and Time:
Date: November 2-16, 2017; Time: 11:11 am

June 23, 2017 |

The buddha life journey and significance


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