Wednesday 18th September 2019

Nepal Observes Ropain Rice Festival 2019

Tourists visiting Nepal gleefully learn and indulge in the plantation process



Nepal Observes Ropain Rice Festival 2019

The monsoon season in Nepal marks the beginning of many festivals reminiscent of Nepal’s rich culture.

One such festival is Ropain- the rice planting festival, which is celebrated on Ashar Pandhra (fifteenth day of Ashar). On this day, crop planting season officially begins in Nepal.

Rice is planted between the last week of June to the first week of July and is then harvested in mid-November.

Nepali farmers go to their fields to begin paddy plantation on this day. They joyfully indulge in the plantation, which they accompany with singing, dancing and mud splashing.

Tourists Ropain Farmer Festival

The farmer community also makes the traditional Dahi-Chiura specific to Ropain and several other traditional snacks.

Ropain Rice Festival

Tourists visiting Nepal gleefully learn and indulge in the plantation process and also participate in the proceedings of the farmer festival.

Nepal Ropain Festival

This year Ropain is being celebrated on June 30, 2019 of the Georgian calendar. Have you booked your tickets to Nepal already?

Nepals Ropain Rice Festival 2019

Nepals Rich Culture

Nepali Sansar wishes all the farmers a prosperous rice festival.

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