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Nepal Observes Bhai Tika from 11:55 AM

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee said that ‘11:55 AM’ is the auspicious time for putting ‘tika’


Nepal Observes Bhai Tika from 11:55 AM

Nepal is celebrating Bhai Tika, the fifth and final day of Tihar.

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee Chairperson Prof. Dr Ram Chandra said that ‘11:55 AM’ is the auspicious time for putting and receiving ‘tika’.

However, it can be observed until sunset on this day, he added.

Bhai Tika Tradition
On the occasion of Bhai tika, sisters make their brothers sit in a special place bordered with mustard oil. They then adorn their brothers’ foreheads with colorful tika and put them garlands made of Dubo (a grass variant) and Makhlami flower (globe amarnath).

Following this ritual, sisters offer the traditional Bhai tika treats including sweets, walnuts, spices and sel roti, a traditional Nepali food made from rice flour.

Brothers also put tika their sisters and wish them happiness & good luck. After this, they give them presents.

Folklore Behind Bhai Tika
According to the legend, a sister wins a boon from ‘Yama’, the God of Death, wherein her brother would not die until the mustard oil dried up and the garland of Dubo and Makhlami shriveled.

Sisters put these garlands on brothers to ensure their long life just like the long life span of the elements in the garland. They are also signify the unending bond of a brother and sister.

Nepal observed Goru, Govardhan and Mha pooja on November 08, 2018 which is highly significant to Newari community.

November 9, 2018 |

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