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Nepal Celebrates Kushe Aunsi 2019

Hindus in Nepal celebrate the day by bringing Kush, a holy grass, home



Nepal Celebrates Kushe Aunsi 2019

Nepal is celebrating Kushe Aunsi or Gokarne Aunsi, Nepali Father’s Day on August 30, 2019 (2076).

The festival is also locally known as Buwa ko Mukh Herne in Nepali language, which means looking at father’s face.

According to the religious belief Pitru Devo Bhava, sons and daughters take their father’s blessings on Gokarne Aunsi. Children feed their fathers deliciously cooked meals which include sweets, meat and other gifts, showing respect to them.


Nepal streets are a sight to behold on Kushe Aunsi, when married girls are seen walking with gifts to their maternal homes to meet their fathers, despite busy schedules.

Event of Their Fathers Death

In the event of their father’s death, children go to Gokarneswor Mahadev temple or other holy places and perform a ritual called Shradh. It is believed that by doing this, their generations will remain stable forever.

Many people go to the Shiva temple, Gokarneswor Mahadev, in Gokarna, the suburbs of Kathmandu, Betrawati of Rasuwa and Bishnupaduka in Dharan to bathe and make offerings on Amavasya, the new moon day.

Hindus in Nepal celebrate the day by bringing Kush, a holy grass, home. They believe that by keeping Kush that has been cut and blessed by priests, will bring prosperity to their homes.

The Hindu community across the world treats Kush or Tulsi, peepal and shaligram as the symbols of Lord Bishnu.

Nepali Sansar extends its jouyous greetings to all Nepalis on the occasion of Kushe Aunsi!

Nepal Celebrates Kushe Aunshi:
Nepalis Celebrates Kushe Aunshi

Gokarne Aunshi Celebrations

Celebrations of Gokarne Aunshi

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