Friday 2nd December 2022

Nepal’s unwanted COVID-19 infection rate goes up to 34%

The Himalayan country’s infection rate goes up in the last 24 hours



Nepal’s unwanted COVID-19 infection rate goes up to 34%

Nepal’s COVID-19 infection rate went by 4% in the last 24 hours, with 4,369 new confirmed virus cases. The infection rate is now at 34.2%.

A total of 12,770 people were tested in the 24 hours. However, the government is reducing the number of tests in recent times. With the 4,369 new cases, the total number of cases reached 557,124. In this case count, a total of 351,101 people were infected in the second wave.

Alarmingly, 109 people passed away from the virus. This put the total COVID-19 death toll at 7,272. A total of 4,240 died during the second wave. This took the current mortality rate to 1.31%.


Nepal Covid Cases

The highest number of deaths were recorded in people above 60 years and above, where the number of deaths went up to 3,908. People age 50 to 59 years accounted for 1,316 fatalities. 1,063 moralities arose from people who were 40 years to 49 years old.

At present, the active cases are 118,897 in Nepal. 101,134 people are undergoing treatment in home isolation, and 7,563 infected people are being treated in intuitional isolation. Only 1,545 cases are undergoing treatment in ICU, and 407 are on ventilators.

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