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More than 5 million doses of Coronavirus vaccines set to be shipped to Nepal

The Himalayan nation will receive them in the next month



More than 5 million doses of Coronavirus vaccines set to be shipped to Nepal

About 4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines will arrive in Nepal in the next two weeks. These vaccines have been procured from China, and the Nepal Airlines Corporation will be transporting the doses to the Himalayan nation.

Nepal Airlines stated that aircraft 4251 and 4252 would embark with the vaccines from China on Thursday and Friday individually. The remaining vaccines will be transported by the same aircrafts during the period of July 15-July 23.

In addition to the 4 million doses, Nepal is set to receive 1.5 million doses of vaccine from Gavi-COVAX. The Himalayan nation is set to receive 5.5 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine with all factors considered.


The doses sent to Nepal via Gavi-COVAX will be Johnson & Johnson vaccines which will be provided by the USA. Randy Berry, U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, shared this news on Twitter. The tweet detailed that the government of the USA is gearing up to facilitate the availability of 25 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Nepal is one of the recipient countries.

Nepal is also trying to source more vaccines in addition to this 5.5 million doses. However, the health ministry refused to shed light as to which country they were planning to source the vaccines from. Currently, Nepal needs about 6 million doses to vaccinate the nation’s populace. Until now, only 345,00 vaccination jabs have been performed.

Vaccines from china

Dr. Krishna Prasad Paoudel, Spokesman of the health ministry, said that Nepal is trying to source more vaccines from China. Additionally, a million doses of Covishield purchased from Serum Institute India are set to arrive soon.

“There is a talk about an incoming vaccine which needs to be administered only once from Gavi-COVAX,” Paoudel said.

Head of the Family Welfare Branch and Vaccination Branch, Dr. Gautam, said that the vaccine distribution once the vaccines arrive in Nepal.

“We will start administering the vaccines based on the age group and to the groups at risk,” Gautam said.

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