Saturday 4th February 2023

COVID-19: Nepal Restricts Entry to 36 Foreigners

60 Nepali migrant workers in Portugal quarantined after one of them tested positive for COVID-19






COVID-19: Nepal Restricts Entry to 36 Foreigners

The immigration officials at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) restricted entry to 36 foreigners including a Nepali as they failed to produce ‘coronavirus-free health certificates‘.

Earlier, the Nepali Government has suspended visas to all foreigners and Non-Resident Nepalis entering the nation and decided to allow them only if they produce a recently issued coronavirus-free health certificate.

Moreover, the government has planned to isolate the person without a return ticket and visa at the TIA Detection Center.

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Nepalis in Abroad

Around 60 Nepali migrants working in the agricultural sector in Faro city, Portugal have been quarantined in the sports pavilion of Escola EB 2 / 3 de António school.

The move comes after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and six showed symptoms.

The worker who tested positive for coronavirus is now being treated at Faro hospital. While the Nepalis in quarantine are being monitored by the SNS health services and the SEF border control agency.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, around 30,000 Nepalis live in Portugal and around 10,000 in Spain.

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Global Coronavirus Overview

In a bid to tackle the alarming levels of coronavirus spread and severity, the countries across the world are closing borders, restricting travel, locking down cities, canceling events and banning public gatherings.

The restrictions also include closing educational institutes, bars, pubs, restaurants, food courts and shopping malls.

Since its inception in China in December 2019, the coronavirus has spread to more than 160 countries across the globe infecting around 183,821 people and killing 7,174 people.

Global Coronavirus Cases Overview


So far, China has reported 80,881 COVID-19 infection cases and 3,226 death cases.

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Major Countries Outside China:

  • Italy – 27,980 cases, 2,158 deaths
  • Iran – 14,991 cases, 853 deaths
  • Spain – 9,942 cases, 342 deaths
  • Korea – 8,320 cases, 81 deaths
  • France – 6,633 cases, 148 deaths
  • Germany – 7,272 cases, 17 deaths
  • USA – 4,727 cases, 93 deaths
  • Switzerland – 2,353 cases, 19 deaths
  • UK – 1,543 cases, 55 deaths
  • Netherlands – 1,413 cases, 24 deaths

Meanwhile, India has reported 126 coronavirus infection cases and 3 death cases.

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