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Govt. Urges Kathmandu Industries to Renew Registration By Aug 23

The companies should renew their registration within the deadline to avoid hefty fines.



Govt. Urges Kathmandu Industries to Renew Registration By Aug 23

Even before they can fully resume their business with the ease of lockdown, the industrialists in Kathmandu Valley have faced another roadblock.

The Nepali Government has directed the industries within Valley to renew their registration by August 23 to avoid paying hefty fines.

Issuing a notice on July 29, the Department of Industry (DoI) has urged the concerned industrialists to renew the registration of their companies by August 23. It has mentioned that an additional 30 days were issued for the industries from the end of lockdown (July 22), considering the impact of the pandemic.


“Since the lockdown was lifted on July 22, we urge all owners of industries in the valley to complete all works related to the DoI by August 23 to avoid paying a hefty fine,” the Department said in the statement.

However, the deadline for the industries operating outside the Valley is September 23.

Likewise, the deadline to apply for an extension to start manufacturing a commercial product or business is August 23. But the deadline for foreign investors for such extension is September 23.

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Meanwhile, the DOI informed that there would be no additional late fees and penalties than the regular ones considering the severe impact of lockdown.

However, the special facility does not apply to the companies whose registration had expired before the lockdown.

On the other hand, the industrialists were unhappy with the DOI decision and demanded an extension of at least two months for renewal.

“We have been lobbying with the concerned stakeholders of the government’s body to manage necessary extension for us,” said Shekhar Golchha, Senior Vice-President of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

He added that the Nepali Government should consider their demand as all the businesses were closed during the lockdown.

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