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Financial Irregularities of Metropolitan Cities Amounts to NPR 4.63 Billion!

Kathmandu metropolis topped the list with financial irregularities reaching almost NPR 2 billion.


Financial Irregularities of Metropolitan Cities Amounts to NPR 4.63 Billion!

According to a recent report by the Office of the Auditor General, the financial irregularities of six metropolitan cities in Nepal stood at a mammoth NPR 4.63 billion.

The audit report revealed that the Kathmandu metropolis has accumulated almost NPR 2 billion in financial arrears in the fiscal year 2020/21.

The Auditor General audited NPR 16.36 billion, of which NPR 1.94 billion (nearly 11.86%) was found unaccounted.



After Kathmandu, Birgunj Metropolitan City stood second as the city with highest percentage of financial irregularities. The arrears accounted to around NPR 756.7 million, which is 8.26 percent of NPR 9.16 billion audited amount.

Then comes Pokhara Metropolitan City with NPR 705.7 million financial irregularities. The arrears stood at 7.42% of the total audited amount, NPR 9.51 billion.

Likewise, the irregularities of Lalitpur Municipal Corporation stood at NPR 673 million, which is 7.22% of the NPR 9.31 billion audited amount.

Moreover, Biratnagar Metropolitan City has 3.41% and Bharatpur Metropolitan City has 2.02% of the audited amount as irregularities.

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