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14th Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019 – Highlights and Updates!

The six-day event is featuring the latest additions to big automobile brands along with special offers on their products and services

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14th Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019 – Highlights and Updates!

Nepal marked the beginning of the 14th edition of its annual automobile expo – 14th NADA Auto Show 2019 at Kathmandu’s Bhrikutimandap on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

The 14th Nepal Annual Automobile Show is being organized by the Nepal Automobiles Dealers Association (NADA) and the Global Exposition and Management Services.

Nepal Finance Minister Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada inaugurated the expo on Tuesday and urged Nepali automobile manufacturers to set up assembling plants and produce vehicles in Nepal.


Nepal Finance Minister Dr. Yubaraj Khatiwada inaugurated NADA 2019

“As the nation’s economy continues to grow, people’s paying capacity is also increasing which leads to increase in demand of automobiles. The government is liable to develop road infrastructure and safety, but until and unless the Melamchi Water Supply Project is completed, we won’t be able to construct black-topped roads,” said the Finance Minister after inauguration.

Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019

“Instead of depending on sales of imported vehicles, the government encourages automobile entrepreneurs to build assembly plants in the country itself and is always open to discuss this topic,” he added.

Nepal 14th NADA Auto Show

The 14th NADA Auto Expo ticket price is NPR 200 and NPR 150 for students with ID cards and visitors can make a trip to the automobile show between 11 am – 6 pm.

The six-day event is featuring the latest additions to big automobile brands along with special offers on their products and services.

The 14th Nepal NADA Auto Show will see the likes of BYD, Datsun, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Renault, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota, Volkswagen and Yamaha among 20 four-wheeler brands.

Auto Expo 2019 at Kathmandu

14th NADA Auto Show 2019 – Major Attractions

Currently, the major attractions at the 14th Nepal Auto Expo are the Audi e-Tron and the TATA Harrier.

Audi e-Tron

Annual Automobile Expo at Kathmandu

Datsun stall at the expo is displaying the classic Datsun 240 Z, which is also one of the attractions at the event.

Datsun Automobile

Velocity, a two-wheeler brand is participating for the first time in Nepal’s annual auto expo. The automobile manufacturer is launching the Brutale 800 RR LH 44, which is designed by Formula 1 winner Lewis Hamilton himself.

“There are only 144 pieces of these motorbikes, also known as Ferrari on two wheels, being released in the world and we are bringing one at the NADA Auto Show 2019 which also happens to be the only piece in South Asia,” said Karan Moktan, Velocity Marketing Manager

With close to 160 stalls on various automobile categories, the auto expo is expected to draw a footfall of over 75,000 visitors.

Honda’s stall stands out differently from other stalls as it themed with traffic signal motifs including zebra crossings and traffic lights.

“We want to relay messages on road safety too,” said Prabin Poudel, Area Representative at Syakar Trading.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has also set up a Traffic Information Desk, where visitors to the event can learn about road safety and related rules.

“We are showcasing equipment used by traffic policemen for road safety such as breath analyser, radar gun, GoPro camera and so on,” said Yagya Khadka, a traffic policeman.

14th Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019 – Schemes

The 14th Nepal Auto Expo, which is being organized on a grand scale is also seeing various attractive schemes being rolled out from the automobile giants.

BYD Offer

BYD Automobile

BYD’s authorized dealer in Nepal Cimex Inc. is offering a cash discount of NPR 100,000 on the BYD e6 and NPR 150,000 on the M3 7-seater and 5-seater.


BMW Automobile

BMW Nepal authorized dealer Himalayan Motorrad is providing a cash discount of NPR 300,000 on every motorcycle purchased during the show.



Isuzu automobiles authorized distributors in Nepal is offering a discount of NPR 100,000 on all its models.


KTM Duke - NADA Auto Show

KTM authorized distributor KTM Hulas Investment is discounting NPR 15,000 on the purchase of every motorcycle.


MG GS NADA Auto Show 2019

MG’s Paramount Motors is offering NPR 200,000-NPR 250,000 discounts on various models plus free one-year road tax, insurance and accessories.


Mitsubishi Motors

Leon Motors is offering a discount of NPR 200,000 on every purchase of a Cleveland Motorcycle.

Royal Enfield

RF’s Dugar Brothers and Sons will be offering a leg guard and helmet with every motorcycle purchase.


Suzuki Nepal NADA Show 2019

Suzuki’s CG Motocorp is offering a discount of NPR 50,000 on four-wheelers.


TATA NADA Auto Expo 2019

TATA’s Sipradi Trading is providing a range of offers for interested customers. The distributor is offering a Dubai tour and other attractive cash discounts on all vehicles except TATA H5.


Volkswagen NADA Auto show 2019

Volkswagen is providing a discount on its Polo 1.0 TL Plus, which is priced at NPR 2.69 million against a market price of NPR 2.84 million.

14th Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019 – Automobile Industry Concerns Discussed

Speaking at the inaugural event, NADA President Shambhu Prasad Dahal expressed his concerns stating,

“Nepal’s automobile industry has been contributing a lot of revenue to the nation’s economy and it’s now time for the government to encourage automobile industrialization in the country. The government should focus on country’s industrialization and road infrastructure development while striving to attract foreign investments from its neighbors.”

He also urged the government to build a new international exhibition hall, explaining that the Bhrikutimandap Exhibition hall was too small for events as big as NADA Auto Show.

14th NADA Auto Show – Day 1-3: Over 37,000 Visitors

“Because of lack of space, this year NADA Auto Show could not accommodate commercial and heavy equipment segment,” he stated.

Responding to Dahal’s concern Minister Khatiwada said, “We want the private sector to work in coordination with the government in this matter. I feel the private sector will be able to do the job faster than the government and we will help you in every way possible.”

14th NADA Auto Show – Day 1-3: Over 37,000 Visitors

14th Nepal NADA Auto Show 2019

As the 14th edition of Nepal’s biggest automobile show progresses, there are more and more visitors coming to the event. NADA Auto Show Spokesperson Anup Baral said that the show has received an overwhelming number of visitors in the first three days.

Following a review of the first three days of the Nepal Auto Expo, close to 38,000 visitors have visited Bhrikutimandap. The event witnessed a footfall of 14,800 visitors on the third day alone, informed Baral.

“We have expanded the showcase area this year, which has allowed free flow of visitors. We have also separated auto components for visitor’s convenience,” said Baral.

TATA Motors authorized distributor also observed an increase in the number of buyers.

“In comparison to last year, the number of potential buyers has also increased,” said Shawant Jung Sijapati, Passenger Vehicles Department Head, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd.

Financial institutions such as Civil Bank Ltd and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal have also set up stall in the Expo. With alluring options such as low interest rates, easy loan processing along with attractive schemes, these institutions are easing automobile purchase for customers visiting the 14th NADA Auto Show.

14th Nepal NADA Show

According to bank representatives, the ease of access to financing services within the expo is encouraging customers to make investments in the automobile options on display.

“Normally, borrowers have to pay premium on the base rate as interest rate while borrowing from a bank. But, those who clinch a deal at the NADA Auto Show will get auto financing at the base rate. This means loans will become cheaper for those who buy car here at the NADA Auto Show,” said Puskar Bhatta, a Civil Bank Ltd employee.

Some big automobile brands are also putting up electric cars for sale.

“Due to the growing environmental concerns, people have been more interested in buying electric vehicles this year. Our aim is to see that in five years’ time, 40 percent of the cars in Nepal are electric-powered. We are also collaborating with other electric automobile dealers toward that end,” said Navaraj Poudel, Business Head, Thee-GO group.

The 13th NADA Auto Expo 2018 kick-started the EV-trend in Nepal!

14th NADA Auto Show 2019 Concludes!

The 14th NADA Auto Show concluded on an overwhelming note for both event organizers and automobile dealers.

The six-day event witnessed a footfall of 85,000 visitors, higher than the expected footfall of 75,000 and visitors from the 13th edition of the auto show – 65,000.

“We saw an encouraging response this year. People of today are attracted to automobiles and want to know about new advancements and launches in the automobile industry,” said Arun Kumar Baral, NADA Secretary.

According to Baral, the event has very much boosted the Nepal automobile industry which has been seeing a low recently. “It is good to note that the event has revived this sector,” said Baral.

However, sales and bookings details from the event were not made public.

This year, the organizers had to use even the garden area of Bhrikuti Mandap due to the increasing size of the expo with every passing year and the demand for space.

“We had to expand the area because the demand for space was very high,” said Baral.

Nepal’s biggest automobile show is usually held ahead of Dashain-Tihar festival and automobile dealers make a majority of their sales during the event.

Let’s see which automobile giant from the current expo will leave its impact on Nepal through the coming year.

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