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Nepal’s Mehboob Alam is the first bowler in the world to capture all 10 wickets in a limited-overs ICC international cricket match. He achieved this feat playing against Mozambique in

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Nepal is home to many stunning talents and one among such is photography. You will be surprised to know that the country has the world’s youngest photographer Subeksha Shrestha who

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Here comes an exciting update among various interesting facts of Nepal.         As per the latest update, Prakash Sardar (21) of Baijnathpur Nahartol, Biratnagar Metropolitan City- 19 has

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Nepal holds huge hydropower potential contributing to 3 percent of the world’s energy electricity generation. The country’s hydropower potential is estimated at 85,000 MW with 43,000 MW being economically-viable. The country

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It would be really exciting to hear about twins, be it people, places, etc that look alike. Nepal has one such interesting aspect! Nepal and Portugal are twins in the

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When it comes to protecting the country, Nepal’s Gurkha soldiers are the most known for their courage. With the slogan ‘Better to die than be a coward’, Nepali Gurkha soldiers have

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Defined by its original name Kantipur that means ‘City of Glory’, Kathmandu is known for its rich history and heritage. Also called as Living Cultural Museum of the World, Kathmandu

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Shailgram stones, most-revered in Hindu tradition, are found only in Nepal in the country’s River Kali Gandaki. These sacred black-colored Ammonoid fossil stones, found in various forms symbolizing Hindu deities,

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Sunday is a working day in Nepal and Saturday is their holiday. Unlike other countries, Nepalis rest on Saturday and work from Sunday to Friday. The rule applies across all

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Nepal is also home to the legendary ape-like giant creature called Yeti. This creature also called as ‘abominable snowman’ is believed to be frequently seen in high icy mountain valleys